Sunday, November 29, 2009

Personal Mission Statement

I believe that students should have access to high-quality and varied information sources. Students should be able to access a range of opinions, facts, and ideas expressed through various forms of media. Information literacy should be taught from a young age to create life-long learners.

As a media specialist, I believe that I have a responsibility to students to guarantee them access to materials through efficient library management practices. I should seek out and obtain current information related to library and information services and best practices. I can and will serve every child that comes through the doors of the library.

A media center that operates in collaboration with teachers becomes a hub of school activity. This is a goal that I believe can be achieved through outreach to teachers as well as students. The media center is a place for teachers to seek out information to enhance their lessons. Through collaboration we can obtain a collection of materials that will be relevant and useful to teachers and students.

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